Corporate Flowers

Reception Flowers

It has always been widely known that flowers and plants in the workplace are beneficial to both team members and clients.

For large corporate organisations flowers on reception symbolise a successful company and break down the hard faceless image often associated with large corporations. For smaller businesses reception flowers show a pride in the company and an attention to detail which is so often the strength of a small business.

Plants around the office provide a healthy atmosphere and are proved by research to promote a feeling of well being amongst the team and is proven to improve air quality. The reception flower packages start from £35 plus VAT per week.

Team and Client gifts and incentives

Flowers make the ideal gift for team or client birthdays and celebrations and what nicer way to thank a client for their business than a gorgeous bouquet hand-made and personally delivered.

Corporate Events

Your corporate events really show your clients who they are dealing with and how successful you are, whether we are creating a gala dinner or the flowers for a conference.

We have many options available to you please give us a call to discuss your event on 0208 647 8221